Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Kids?

I just read an article about the rise of married couples choosing not to have children. The explanation for this "trend" is that children are not an economic asset but rather an economic downfall. Another reason for this is that the couples want the perks, such as: More disposable income, more sleep, more free time, not having to go to boring soccer games, and not having to haul other people's children around in there minivan. The number of vasectomies has gone up by nearly half. A psychologist from Harvard says that when couples first get married their level of bliss is high but it then drops when their first child is born and doesn't go back up until the children are out of the home...

As I was reading this article I was agreeing with everything it was saying, yes its true that if I didn't have Bella I would have more cash, more time to do what I want, more time to lie in the bed, etc. But do you know what the overarching theme in this article is? That our culture yet again is saying choose yourself over everybody else. Don't put yourself out there to actually make some sacrifices and lay down your life for others. This attitude goes so totally against what I believe as a Christian. We are called to give our lives for others in service, not be totally self-centered, not to mention highly cynical beings.

Now, in my mind having a child, or children, takes two different forms of giving your life for the benefit of others. One, it is bringing another little person into the world, giving of your free time and your extra sleep to raise that child to be a good, kind, loving person who will enrich the world. The second thing is a sort of extension of the first, if you raise your child right, teach them right from wrong, bring them up to love God and treat others as they want to be treated, your child WILL have an amazing impact on the world.

I feel so blessed when Bella goes up and hugs people, people who are hurting and sad. There is absolutely no way for Bella to know that these people are sad and in need of her toddler love, but something inside her encourages her to give hugs, say HI, and sometimes give kisses. I think Bella, at the ripe old age of 2, already has her own little ministry. I also think and believe that if Daniel and I give of ourselves to bring her up in the way God would have her raised then she will make an impact on the world she is living in....

I know being a parent is hard, and it involves a lot of daily sacrifice. But in my opinion those sacrifices are worth it for the blessings. Blessings that go far beyond money, free time, and sleep.

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