Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Photo Proof!

Here is some photographic proof of life with my Bussell!

This is from our wedding rehearsal, we are clearly emitting happy glow!

Here we are after saying our vows..My face is red and puffy from the overwhelming emotion and love that washed over me right before the ceremony started! So in short I was certainly a hot mess!

Cutting our pretty little lemon cake with orchids on top! This was actually stressful with everyone watching, but luckily I had Daniel's steady hand wielding the knife.

This what in October 2008. We were in Knoxville and this was after church eating at red lobster. The significance of this picture? I was prego eggo and didn't know it yet!

Here we are in the hospital after a long hard pregnancy, with the one and only Bella Bussell to show for it! So worth it!

This picture was taken during the fall semester that came directly after having Bella. Daniel is such an amazing man that he took the semester off from school and stayed home with Bella while I went to class, then he would go work and do Radon after being with her in the mornings. I will never forget his sacrifice so that I could stay on track to graduate! On a bittersweet note, I no longer have either pair of those smoking hot sunglasses! Boo Hiss...

This is the family on Christmas Eve 2009, Bella's first to be exact. Look how sterm Bella is....SHIVER

Our first Easter with Bella at First United Methodist Elizabethton! Love you FUMC!

We had clearly lost our sanity in this picture from a rare date night! If I remember correctly we had gone to see Shutter Island... Not the most uplifting movie for a night out with your love but we obviously made it through just fine! If I had to guess I would say Miss Ashley Francis was keeping Bella to give us some alone time, she is awesome like that!

This was a special and fun day last summer when we went white water rafting on the Ocoee. I had been doing summer classes all summer and this was such a fun day away from school work! It was also the first day we ever left Bella for a whole day, which gave me major anxiety since we totally could have been washed away in the river! And those cute sunglasses? Don't have them anymore either...lame

Here is our little, slightly disheveled family on Christmas Eve day 2010. This picture is extra special because we are in our new house, having a Christmas Eve brunch with mom, dad, Sam, and Jen. This is special to Bella because shortly after this picture was taken, she recieved tickle me Elmo.

Here Daniel and I are on our Valentines date. We schlubbed around down town Knox, while the sweet, Jess Garafola watched Bella for us.

Ahhhhhh the relief and satisfaction of having completed my senior recital. I owe so much to Daniel, he supported me in so many ways. Watched Bella while I practiced and even helped me with my word for word translations almost daily, and here he is afflicted with a broken foot!

This is our second Easter with our sweet Bella, can you see how drastically she changed in a year? My goodness it is quite terrifying how fast she is growing, and yet Daniel and I look as youthful as the day we first met.....RIGHT?

This is from my graduation party. Thank you so much to my fabulous parents and innumerabley amazing husband for supporting me and getting me through it!

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