Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pool Days

Yesterday Daniel, Bella, and I took a very meaningful trip to the Chapman pool. We were going to get a pool membership, and I was literally so excited my stomach was flip/flopping. I have not had any kind of color since the summer I got married, and for those of you counting (Daniel that better be you!) that means I have not had any tan for almost 3 years. I know this may seem like a very big vanity thing, but I am a southern woman and I honestly believe that tan fat is far more desirable than white fat...You know you agree.

So we pulled up to the pool and Bella starts chanting "bath, big bath, bath" we paid our dues and went home to change. On the way we went to walmart and bought Bella a 3 dollar float. This thing is awesome, it has a nice seat and two circular floaty pieces...We got home put on our bathing suits and lathered on a thick layer of SPF. When we pulled back into the pool Bella started her chanting again...We ever so slowly started to get into the icy cold "big bath" and Bella, bless her heart, looked extremely offended to be in put in such a trying situation. Eventually Bella adjusted to the water and stopped clinging to us like a baby monkey, and by the end of our first day at the pool she was literally pushing off us like she knew how to swim all on her own!

On an unrelated note tomorrow is my 25th birthday and I am very excited about my mini celebrations. Daniel and I are going on double dates with Adam and Zach to go bowling, Sam, Jen, and maybe Kevin to see the newest x-men movie, and then with Kate and Kevin to the 24hr film festival, which I hope is not just a huge snooooooze. I love my friends and family and am so thankful to have such fun plans for my quarter life birthday!

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