Friday, July 1, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things!

I have decided to do a post about some of my favorite things, things that can perk up even the most challenging of days!

1.) Morning snuggles with my Bussell! I know this is gag worthy but its just the truth! When I know my day is going to be epic it ALWAYS make it a tad easier to have that little snuggle time. Case-in-point, yesterday Daniel was going to be leaving to go to Johnson City for two days and I was honestly dreading it. We were going to get up at 8, but when the alarm went off we snuggled up and slept for another hour, and it was PERFECTION! The picture below is what I think we look like snuggling.

 2.) Seeing my girl Bella in the morning is generally a pick-me-up (I say generally because sometimes there are scary diaper situations). Yesterday when I walked into her room she threw her arms up and yelled "SURPRISE"! And then gave me hugs and kisses! What could be better? Look at her sweet, angel face!

3.) The obvious next step to a good day is a good cup of coffee! Now I generally have Level 4 Seattles Best at home. But certain days require Starbucks, in particular an iced, quad (4 shots of espresso), caramel latte! INCREDIBLE.

4.) After a nice hot shower using many fruity, delicous, floral, sented thing. I like to use Clinique Happy body smoother. It is AMAZING. I love the smell of Happy, but some days actual perfume just feels too overpowering, and this body smoother has the perfect amount of scent, while also moisturizing your skin with shea butter.
5.) Another kind of pampering product sure to make me feel better about life is Burts Bees tinted lipbalm in Rose. It gives the prettiest, subtle hint of color and softens your lips!
6.) Wanna immediately feel classy? Perhaps a little like Audrey Hepburn? Then you need some white pearl studs. I dont care if they are faux or real because either way they will lift your spirits. My absolute favorite earrings are large white pearl studs!
7.) Once I'm in the car to start a long day of here and there errand running I have to have music. Lately, my favorite c.d. is by Christina Perri. Her sometimes folk, sometimes edgey, songs and vocals are engrained into my mind and I sing along and happily pass the time.
8.) If all else fails and I'm about to explode from frustration with terrible drivers, there is only one thing that will truly help (besides a heavy dose of prayer that is) and that would be oversized sunglasses. They are a must. End of story.

Now if I really need an attitude adjustment I just take a gander at this picture...

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