Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Song of the Day: Copland "Should You Return"

This is another listen with your eyes closed song of the day. If you have ever even heard of this band, post a comment and I will give you a cyber gold star!!! Bella says "LISTEN TO THIS SONG"


Thanksgiving in May: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

My 25th birthday is coming up on Thursday and last night we had THE family dinner. I requested to have Thanksgiving in May: i.e. Turkey, whipped potatoes, gravy, dressing, green bean casserole, and my dad's homemade rolls. Let me just say, this meal was incredibly, amazingly, heartbreakingly PERFECT. My sweet sister-in-law Jeneva made a lemon-garlic turkey, whipped taters, and the green bean casserole. Dad made extra sagey dressing (Side note: Dad used to set the tin of sage next to my plate when I was a child so that I could add more, even after he had used a whole tin...obsessive much?), gravy, and his too delicious to be imagined, rolls. Daniel's mom, Rolena, contributed with a special, Bussell Boys, traditional fruit salad, and watermelon.

Now what is missing here? As your mouth is watering, wishing it were Thanksgiving, you might be saying "What could possibly be missing!?" and to that I would reply pumpkin pie. As I wrote in yesterdays post mom had to go to the ER and things were a little wild. As I was sitting up around 1am I took it upon myself to CLOSELY read the recipe I was intending to make, gingerbread and pumpkin custard trifle. But when I read closely I saw that the custard had to be refrigerated over night and there was no way I could make it in time. This was disheartening for many reasons, including but not limited to, the fact that I had purchased 8 dollar crystallized ginger, and dad had brought me 2 crystal trifle dishes to choose from. But I pulled it together began scouring my recipes and found one for pumpkin cheesecake.

 I made the executive decision that I would have to make-do and whip up a cheesecake. This cheesecake started out innocently enough with cream cheese, but then it got wicked with a combination of white sugar, brown sugar, ground cloves, ground nutmeg, and ground cinnamon. These ingredients alone tasted like the tears of angels (this is a good thing in my book). Then I added eggs, pumpkin puree, and sour cream. You have to understand that I was actually very nervous about how this was going to turn out because I have never made a full sized cheesecake, and well to be quite frank, it looked a little on the thin side. So as my "slave" (stand mixer) was mixing away I looked at the recipe and had the epiphany that I had only used half as much cream cheese as was called for! My poor, sweet, exhausted from a night in the ER with hillbillies,  husband had to go to the store and fetch me two more bars to add...So now I was even more concerned that this cheesecake might not turn out right.

Back to dinner: after the delicious, suedo Thanksgiving dinner had been almost completely consumed, it came time for dessert. I pulled the spring form pan out of the fridge, apprehensively opened it, and was met with a good sign because it didn't turn into a pile of liquid on the counter, it defiantly and proudly held its shape. Then I started slicing and was worried that the middle wasn't completely set but it came out just fine. Then Sam did something that Jeneva thought was pure INSANITY and pulled out a can of whipped cream to top the slices with. She asked 2 or 3 times if people normally did mortifying things like that. But after she took a bite of what might have been heaven, she concluded that yes, indeed, people should always do "things like that".

You may be asking yourself, "Self, why am I reading a blog that is almost 100% about a cheesecake?" and I would reply, "I don't know why you are reading it, but equally baffling is why I wrote it!" Bottom line is I had the birthday dinner of my dreams and a little bit of creamy, pumpkiny, cheesecake capped off the night perfectly!

~~On a side note, Jeneva and Sam got me exactly what I wanted for my b-day, a fancy piping bag and several tips! Anybody want a cake????? I'm ready, and willing to ice!~~

Monday, May 30, 2011

Song of the Day: Band of Horses "The Funeral"

So this is a slightly odd and depressing song. The thing I like so much about Band of Horses is that there is something oddly surreal about their sound. Take a listen....


Drama on the Homefront

Last night Daniel and I were sitting at home with Bella. She was running around playing with her toys and we were starting to wind down for the night. Then Daniel gets a call from my parents. It is my dad asking Daniel to come over and go with him and mom to the ER. Mom had been having a torrent of pain in her shoulder and it had gotten to the point that nothing was helping: not muscle relaxers, ice, or a piece of my Chocolate Hazelnut cake could help!!! (You know a problem is dire when cake does nothing to help!) Anyway, Daniel and I basically throw the baby into bed, because the other night when Daniel wasn't here she REFUSED to go to bed, and Daniel was off on his stallion to help the old timers.

At this point I ramble around the house and searched on the on demand for some free something or other to watch. On a side note, I watched all 4 episodes of Glee that were on there and am now, despite my fighting, addicted to Glee. So back to last night, I am looking for something to watch, and I find a show from the syfy channel (right there, you know it's a keeper) called Urban Legends. The show does hokey reenactments of Urban Legends, and some stories that are beyond belief but true...I watched all 4 episodes of this program too, and sadly even for the terrible acting I got hooked to this show too!

Back to the ER, while I am at home rotting my brain out mom, dad, and Daniel are sitting around the ER not being seen for something like 3 hrs. When mom finally got taken back she turned to Daniel and said "You can't come back here!", not sure if this was a Karen thing or an actual ER thing, but my money is on Karen. So then Daniel sat out in the waiting room, alone, except for a few interesting hillbillies who wanted to talk about nascar (sound like torture to anyone other than me? *takes LONG swig of hot, strong coffee*). I finally went to bed at 2am with the latest news being that they had done a blood test, x-ray, and were now waiting to do a CAT scan...I fell asleep and when I woke up, feeling like it had been 10 min, I looked at my phone and saw that it was 5am! Still no Daniel, no news, nothing. I had a moment of sheer panic in which I texted Daniel 3 times and heard nothing back. I finally broke down and called him and he informed me that he was about to drop my parents off.

By the time Daniel drug it in at 530 he was WIRED, I can only assume the hillbillies hyped him up. Oh that and his admission that he had been hitting the Mellow Yellow. We finally went to sleep as the sun was coming up. This wouldn't be an issue except we are having a family dinner for my birthday and I need to cook a dessert, oh and vacuum for my poor ailing mother! But everyone is sleeping so I am using all my energy to write this fascinating blog and keep my LOUD baby Bella quite!

For those of you who were wondering, they didn't find anything scary wrong with mom, they just drugged her up and sent her home...mom now wishes she had gone to the chiropractor a month ago and avoided all this pain, suffering, and hillbillies....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jar of Hearts

This is my song of the day: Christina Perri "Jar of Hearts". Incredible song, very moving, however her crooked teeth and the interesting interpretive type dance kinda kill it for me alittle! So maybe just listen with your eyes closed!!


First Blog

I have been considering writing a blog for a while now, and with graduation from ETSU I feel like I need a project of sorts to throw myself into. I know that most blogs have a definate theme to them: cooking, farming, health, children, crafts etc...but I can't bottle my life into a single category. I am a wife, mother, musician, cook, craftey person, the list goes on and on. I think this is simply a genetic strand that has been passed down through my blood line because both of my parents are the same way!

I am going to be turning 25 on Thursday which blows my mind. I remember age 15 like it was yesturday and yet an entire decade has flown by. I've worked many jobs, had and lost many romantic relationships and friendships alike, I've accomplished a music degree, and I have had my heart broken and changed by many things. In a decade I went from an overly dramtic teenager with angst to spare, to a young woman married to the man of her dreams, raising the most gorgeous, amazing, little girl. Bottom line is that over the last decade I can honestly say that through all the ups and downs on thing has remained constant....I am incredibly blest and count myself lucky to be one of God's children!