Friday, June 3, 2011

Big Bath, Movie, and Hayley H

Bella loves the pool, she is still very crabby about the initial entrance in to the cold water, but that generally subsides quickly. She loves to scream "hi" at people, and actually offended an 8-9 yr old boy by screaming at him and saying "A baby, a baby!" He replied with an excessively hateful expression and stated that he was most certainly not a baby. Today we decided that Bella needed a toy to carry around with her in the pool. We were at Kroger so we looked around in their seasonal section...not the best selection of baby toys you have ever seen, but none the less we found her a Barbie doll who was outfitted in a pretty pink bathing suit. It was love at first sight between Bella and her Monkey...yes, you read that correctly, Bella named the Barbie Monkey almost immediately. When we got to the pool Bella wanted to have Monkey in her hand at all times. This included: riding in her float which Bella has deemed "bounce", being dunked under the water to practice holding her breath, and even sitting on the side of the pool. The worst part of this for Monkey was the side of the pool bit becuase Bella felt it crutial to scrape Monkey's feet on the scratchy concrete. Monkey caught a break at one point when Daniel positioned her in Bella's "Bounce" and Monkey made her way floating around the pool in peace. This was a great disturbance to Bella, so much so, I am sure she will need hours of counseling down the road.

Today was a continuation of my birthday celebration. I went to see the new X-men movie with Sam, Jen, Kevin, Kate, and Bussell. Sam, Kevin and I were particularly excited about the movie because X-Men has always kind of been our thing. The movie was quite excellent; I really enjoyed it, expcet for one thing. Now, I am warning you, the following may seem like a deminist there you were warned. It really bugged me that in this X-Men movie, even more than the ones before, most of the female characters had totally lame powers. There were three main mutant girls. The first is Raven, who becomes Mystique. She is a shape shifter and can take on the form of anyone...the end. She isnt extraordinarily smart, strong, or powerful. I know that her powers were helpful and cool, but given the choice between her and the other powers I think most people would choose a more powerful mutation. The second female is Angel... LAME LAME LAME. She had little pink/purple pixie wings, was found working at a strip club, and can spit bitty little fire balls. She was honestly the lamest of them all. Now the third female was actually pretty awesome, she could turn herself into a diamond, which albeit sounds kind of stupid, but was actually cool, and on top of that she had the same mind powers as Xavier, so all in all, Miss Emma Frost kind of rocked. But guess what? Emma Frost was on the bad side all along, then the stripper bar hoochie went to the bad side, cuase she thought it was the greener pastures, and then Mystique went. The good side was literally deserted by all the female mutants and it just seem like the movie painted all the girls as really crappy, and made them weaker than the men so that they would follow who they deemed the strongest man.

As we were leaving the mall I was a few cars behind Kevin and we were at a light that had just turned green, and all of  a sudden Kevin swerves out form behind this car like a bat out of hades, and goes screeching off...I say to Dan, "Wow Kev, what was that about?" Then I see it, a white Honda Accord with a license plate reading "Hayley H" SLOWLY pulling out at the light...but really would you expect the driver of that car to actually stop texting long enough to realize the light and changed and go? Didnt think so! That right there was the antithesis to my girl power talk above!

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