Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My poor, sweet, precious has been an accident prone day! While playing at the chruch playground she was swinging in a big kid swing. I had been pushing her for a long time and it was scortching hot so I stopped the swing and said: "Ok Bella, now just slide out of the seat." She didn't budge or stop holding onto the chains, so I gently removed her hands and said again: "Bella slide on out." She did not "slide" out, it was not "gentle".....she totally face planted on the pebbles! I mean arms thrown out to her sides, flat on the ground. So screaming happened but she was unhurt and got over it as soon as I gave her some lemonade.

Now fast forward to about 5 o'clock, I woke Bella from her nap and carried her to the living room. She was extra droopy so I sat her in my wing chair and was waiting for her to get settled so I could cover her with a blanket, and wouldn't you know, she managed to lose her balance and fall out of the chair sideways with her arms and legs sprawled out! She started screaming immediately and I had to hold her and love on her for a long time to help her recover. Meanwhile Daniel was trying not to laugh out loud at her, because sadly enough, the way she fell looked absolutely hilarious!

All in all though we had a really fun day together playing at the park and kicking a red ball is some photo proof!

Good form Bella! Good form!

Daddy looking extra excited to be playing ball!

Bella and daddy running and kicking together! So precious! Look at Bella's happy face!

Now for the extra gross, mommy needs a shower, shot! Atleast we were having a fun picnic!

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