Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm Back!

My last blog post is dated July I have totally slacked with my blog. There have been so many huge life changing things happen since July 6th. But I don't think I want to live in the past by trying to tell about them all, because frankly, it's just too much! So, instead, I will share with you about what is happening today!

Today my dad had to go to the hospital to have some diagnostic tests run, we are praying that all the doctors find is arthritis, no terrible C word.

Today Bella and I had the best time doing something we saw on Pinterest! Now, I love Pinterest, but I have not actually done that many things I have seen on there. Today I decided to change that and actually live something I saw there! I decided to make liquid side walk chalk. It is really easy, it says 1 cup of corn startch to 1 cup water and then food coloring to make it your desired color. I made four small batches of 1/4 cup of corn startch and water then made blue, green, red, and purple "paints". We went outside and sat down and made a huge mess! Here is some proof!

Here is Bella! The sun is in her eyes but look what a cutie she is!

See that big blob of purple paint? Thats what happens with you just decided to dump the whole bowl out!
Here is daddy Daniel....doesn't he look thrilled to be seeing this hot mess???? This project is prob not best for a toddlar with a super stressed parent, you have to go into it knowing that there WILL be a mess!
That is supposed to be a butterfly....I tried!
There is my girl! Red in the face, painted all over, and so, SO, happy to be doing her thing!

All and all we have had a blessed and fun morning. Sweet Daniel made us delicious pancakes before we went out for our paint session on the porch!

I hope you all are having a blessed day as well!

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  1. I really only covered my face because of the governments facial recognition program. They might fiiiiind me! ;-)