Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Awkward Moment

I had the wonderful good fortune to meet my sister-in-law Jeneva for lunch today. We decided to meet at the Olive Garden. We had a wonderful meal and wonderful conversation. As out lunch date was coming to an end we both needed to go to the restroom. I told her to go ahead and go first and I would stay with our things and then we could switch. I sat and waited for her then we switched, on my return from the restroom I walked around the corner and saw that an unfamiliar woman wass sitting in my spot at the table talking to Jeneva. I thought maybe this woman was from Jeneva's work or church...boy was I wrong.

It turns out that this woman was sitting at the table across from us and had overheard mine and Jeneva's discussion about relationships. Well, this lady apparently thought that Jeneva looked like a good person to talk to. I walked up not knowing what was being discussed but quickly found out that this woman had been talking to a man online and that the man had some, uhh, how shall I say, expectations for if they were to get in a relationship. Lets just say, the woman was talking about things that you would go to Romantic Escapades for.....YEAH, in public, to perfect strangers.....

Then she talked about the expectations she had set forth for the man and they weren't quit as terrifying but still a vast over share. The woman said that she was very turned off by the man's requests, I said "you need to go with your gut on that" as I reach over her to retrieve my purse! I very quickly gathered up my things and poor 7 month pregnant Jeneva got up and we started walking quickly out of the place!

We were not even out of the building before Jeneva was gaffawing and I was saying "Was that for real?  Did that really happen???"

Oh and did I mention that this woman had terrifying eyebrows that looked like Captian hook's out of  the movie Hook? This just made the awkward discussion even more terrifying!

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